Bord & Pillar Pet Resort

No more guilt when you leave your furry loved ones behind while you go on vacation. Not your typical kennel but a Pet Resort and Spa. While you are relaxing on the beach your fur babies could be having a luxurious mud bath with an aromatherapy massage.

We provide overnight and extended stay boarding in our luxurious suites. Our goal is to make your fur babies as comfortable as we can while they are staying with us.

Bord & Pillar Services

  • Luxury Boutique

    Hours: 10am to 4pm, Monday-Saturday

    Come see our little boutique shop filled with items for the home, items for your favorite furry friend and a selection of organic wine, beers and ciders.

  • Daycare: Coal Mine Camp

    Day care is Monday- Friday from 7:30am to 6pm

    Let your pup make some new friends and, make it easier on yourself by letting your pet come hang out with us during the week. For our daycare pets they must undergo a temperament test and a meet and greet with our coal mine camp counselor to ensure they get along with other dogs and can meet new fur friends and play with each other without any worries. After a Meet and Greet and temperament test your pup will meet new four legged friends while watched by our staff and they will enjoy playing both in our indoor/outdoor play areas. You can choose to have your pet be mentally challenged by a puzzle or if your pet is more active and likes physical play we can test their skills with our agility toys.

  • Boarding (Cats & Dogs)

    Drop off and Pick up times scheduled by appointments.
    Monday- Friday 10am to 4pm, except holidays.
    Saturday 10am to 4pm, except holidays.
    Sunday's by appointment only.
    If you need to need to be accommodated by a different time outside our hours please call and discuss with us. Additional fees may apply.
    Go to scheduling and pricing for more details

    Your fur baby will stay in one of our luxurious suites with elevated food bowls and an elevated bed. Feel free to send them with their favorite toys and blankets! We encourage you to bring their normal dog food but if you happen to forget we have the high quality dog food available for purchase. Also while your pet is staying with us you can choose to send them to day care to hang out with the other pups as long as they have passed our meet and greet or you can choose various activities for them while they’re staying with us. Various potty breaks throughout the day and evening. Clean & comfortable bedding, continuous fresh water, breakfast & dinner service, 6 potty walks a day, maid & linen service, 24 hour supervision, soothing music & television lounge, tuck-in & treat.

    Boarding is much like renting a room at a hotel. There is a check out time which allows us time to clean the suite and make it available for the next occupant. Much like a hotel we have late check out fees which allows you to leave your pet past the check out time. Our boarding packages allows you to receive a discount on your daily and over night boarding. Unfortunately late check out fees cannot be applied to boarding packages.

    Our prepaid packages are designed to give greater discounts for our more frequent customers and they are good for one year. These packages are nonrefundable nontransferable. Packages must be purchased at least two weeks before your scheduled stay.

    All Holiday boarding’s require a 2 night minimum stay. There are no drop off’s or pick up’s on actual Holidays, you can come the day before or the day after. (Example: Can’t pick up/Drop off on December 25th but can pick up/drop off the 24th or 26th of December.

    For our boarding pets we require a temperament test before your pet can stay with us and a minimum of 2 hours being dropped off with us before their stay to familiarize your pet to our facility and us to them to make sure we are a good fit. These can be scheduled Monday – Friday between 8am to 5pm. If these times don’t work for you please give us a call and we can accommodate you!

    Our Dog Vaccine Requirements: Rabies, DA2PP, and Bordetella. Cat Vaccine Requirements: Rabies, FVRCP and we recommend the FeLV Vaccine.

  • Grooming Services

    Monday – Saturday 10am to 4pm, Go to scheduling and pricing for more details

    While your pet is either staying with us or if you just want to come and lounge in our boutique while your pet enjoys one of our services. Grooming services: Bathing, teeth brushing, hot oil treatments, fresh facial scrubs, de-shedding treatment, deep sea mineral mud treatment, nail trimming, hydrotherapy and specialized baths. We like to ensure a full spa experience, if your pet gets anxious or upset about one of the treatments we will stop and not push your pup over their limit.

  • Training

    Coming Soon

  • Wellness

    Coming Soon

Scheduling & Pricing

General pricing is subject to change based on breed specific and coat condition.


Our Dog Vaccine Requirements: Rabies, DA2PP, and Bordetella. Cat Vaccine Requirements: Rabies, FVRCP and we recommend the FeLV Vaccine.

  • De-Shedding & Bath:

    Small Dog: (Up to 25lbs)

    Short Hair: $35
    Medium Hair: $40
    Long Hair: $45

    Medium Dog: (26lbs-50lbs)

    Short Hair: $45
    Medium Hair: $50
    Long Hair: $60

    Large Dog: (50lbs to 100lbs)

    Short Hair: $55
    Medium Hair: $60
    Long Hair: $75

    Extra Large Dog: (100lbs and up)

    Short Hair: $60
    Medium Hair: $65
    Long Hair: $95

  • Cat Dry Bath and Comb out:

    Short Hair: $45
    Long Hair: $65

  • Mud treatment:

    Small Dog: $60
    Medium Dog: $60
    Large Dog: $60
    Extra Large: $60

  • Ozone/hydrotherapy treatment:

    Medium Dog: $55
    Large Dog: $55
    Extra Large: $55

  • Hot Oil Treatment:

    When paired with a bath

    Small Dog: $25
    Medium Dog: $25
    Large Dog: $25

  • Spa Extras:

    Nail Trim: $18
    Nails with bath: $10
    Facial Scrub: $15
    Brush down with furminator: $30/Per 30 minutes
    Sonicare Teeth brushing: $12
    Ear Pluck/Clean: $10
    Anal Gland Expression: $15
    Sanitary Clip: $15
    Paw/feet Trim: $20 ($5/Per Paw)
    Dematting: $1/Per minute. (60min Max)

  • Daycare:

    Monday-Friday: 7:30 am to 6pm

  • Boarding:

    Indoor Suite: $45/Night
    Outdoor Suite: $35/Night
    Cat Condo: $35/Night
    The Grand Suite: $75/Night
    Additional $25 fee for pick up after 1pm
    Emergency Pick Up Fee: $30

  • Dog Boarding Extras:

    20 min Walk: $20/Day
    Added Daycare while boarding: $20/Day
    Medicating with 1 med: $8/Day
    Medicating with multiple Meds: $13/Day
    In house food: $5/Per meal
    Kong Purchase: $14.95
    Kong Toy Daily fill: $4/Day
    Extra 10 minutes outdoor time: $10/Day
    1 Hour of Doggy lounge time with television: $25/Hour

  • Cat Boarding Extras:

    5 minutes of brushing with a special cat brush: $5/Day
    10 Minutes of one on one playtime: $7/Day
    15 minutes of one on one playtime, and brushing with special cat brush: $12/Day


Jeri Lynn Lockwood


Jeri Lynn Lockwood is a designer craftsman with an emphasis in 3 dimensional designs. She has been designing and building log and timber frame homes for the last 30 years.

She has recently retired from the building industry and is focusing all of her efforts on Bord and Pillar Pet Resort and Spa.

In her 20’s she had a career working with Hunter/Jumpers on the A Show Circuit both in Washington and California. She trained, showed and professionally groomed horses for the show circuit.

She has always had a true love of animals which can be seen today in the luxuries she has provided for her furry friends at Bord and Pillar Pet Resort and Spa.

Please Come and Take a Tour!


If I have two dogs can they stay together or will they have to stay separate? Two cats? Dog and cat?

Our suites are big enough to allow same family dogs to stay together, up to 2 dogs in our suites together. Our Ripper room can accommodate 3 dogs. Our cat condos can fit two cats to stay together as well. Unfortunately, we cannot have dogs and cats stay together in the same enclosure.

Can I bring my dog’s favorite toy and bed?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite toy or bedding. If you forget either, we have toys available for purchase, and bedding available as well. We are not responsible for the loss or destruction of personal items.

Can we come take a tour of the facilities before we bring our pets?

Yes we would love for you to come view our facilities before you leave your fur-baby with us. Tours are available anytime we are open. Please leave your cat or dog in the car during the tour.

Will my pets be boarding with other families pets in the same suite?

No, each family will have their own suite for their fur baby or babies.

If my pets need medications while they’re staying is that an option?

Yes, our staff is knowledgeable in administering medications for an extra daily fee.

What if while my pet is staying with you it gets sick?

If your pet gets sick or hurt while it is with us we will give it immediate veterinary care. We will either transport the pet to the vet or we will have a mobile vet come check the status of your pet.

What type of payments do you take?

If you are staying for longer than 2 nights we can take any form of payment but if you are staying for less than 2 nights we prefer to take cash or check.

What if I can’t get there to pick up my dog or drop them off during your business hours?

If you are running a little late, call us and we will try to make special arrangements. Please understand just like many other businesses with specific time management schedules, we also have a time specific schedule for our staff to adhere to and we have our four legged "guests" also needing our attention. Traffic is always an issue after 3pm during the week, so we recommend you plan ahead if possible. We can occasionally make special arrangements for early or late customers at an additional charge.

Will my dog just be sitting in a kennel during its stay there?

While your pet is here it will be checked on frequently throughout the day by staff members who will give your pet some attention and love. Your pet will also go on frequent “potty” breaks, but to ensure they get more attention, purchasing some of our add-ons is always the best option. We do this so elderly dogs that do not need as much activity are accommodated at a lesser charge.

Do we bring our pets food? What if we forget our pet’s food?

We recommend bringing their own food to keep them as comfortable as possible and switching foods can irritate your pet’s stomach sometimes, but we also offer organic in house food at an extra cost per meal.

What if my pet doesn’t want to eat while it’s there?

Our staff is making notes as to what your pet is doing while here. We monitor food and water intake and their eliminations so we will be able to tell if your pet is not eating and we have food enticements we can offer as well.


Jeri Lynn Lockwood - Owner


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